Google, Fantom, & Ripple HACKATHONS

So You Think You Can Hack by Databricks PRIZES: $20,000 in prizes DEADLINE: June 15, 2023 JOIN THE HACKATHON:     Fantom Hackathon Q2 2023 by Fantom Foundation PRIZES: $306,000 in prizes DEADLINE: July 3, 2023 JOIN THE HACKATHON:     Atlas Madness by Google Inc PRIZES: $10,000 DEADLINE: July 11, 2023 JOIN THE HACKATHON:     Ripple CBDC Innovate 2023 by Ripple PRIZES: $200,000 DEADLINE: August 18, 2023 JOIN THE HACKATHON:    

OPS Data Management Analyst

We are seeking an OPS data management analyst (DMA) to assist in maintaining an ever-growing large scale raw biomedical microscopy, digital pathology image data, and associated metadata as well as software and derived data. The OPS DMA will conduct data management using digital slide archive (DSA) infrastructure developed by Kitware employing RESTful API, interaction of DSA with a Girder base and HistomicsUI, a solution for scalable visualization of large scale images, development of front and back end, with backend integrated with a powerful HPCC infrastructure, HiPerGator, maintained by UFIT, fetching the system with long and short-term storage solutions, data backup, and collaboration with external investigators to receive and share data via secured protocol. Job will also include efficient utilization of multiple GPUs on HiPerGator and overall application performance optimization. Candidate in this position will work closely with UFIT, so knowledge of Linux administration, and s

Postdoc-Li Chen lab


AI Internship

 (Website for our company is below .)   Basically we are looking for an intern to help develop an AI based app that will help with different cannabinoid protocols and do some machine learning to optimize and present new protocols (dosages and product types) to customers if they aren't feeling results or intended effects. It would be a great opportunity to build out AI and data structure for a student and be a tremendous help to us.  We are looking at 40-60$ an hour depending on the student. In general if Ph.D. that would be best. I have my Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and would handle all of the initial pieces of the project so they would just need to help with the AI portion and give us a good insight into how to best structure this. Contact Dr. Anthony Ferrari at

Project from Wright Brothers Institute

We launched a project/challenge with Wright Brothers Institute & The T-REX Innovation Center - GEOINT – Analysis of Cause for Human Displacement Link to challenge/project: Could you please forward this note to students that you think will be interested? The top 10% of submissions also win from a prize pool of $2,600! Note - students are encouraged to use their .edu IDs when logging in to make sure they pass any restrictions we have in place for non .edu solvers. Feel free to reach out to me ( ) if you/your students have any questions and hope to see some of your students participate!

Starting 6/27/23: Career Exploration Program for UF PhD Students

    Our   Office of Graduate Professional Development (OGPD)   invites you to its upcoming workshop via Zoom: Career Exploration: Step 1 · Discover This five-week program for Ph.D. students runs June 27 through July 24, with both online components and an in-person discussion once a week. Beyond the Professoriate   shows that PhDs move through four stages during their career transition. PhDs must: DISCOVER   their values, interests, and skills and build a metric for career opportunities. RESEARCH   career pathways that align with their metric. IMPLEMENT   a job search focused on one career field of interest. BUILD   a career by evaluating their career choices and identifying future opportunities This experience will focus on the   DISCOVER   phase of career exploration and will uncover, what you do (your skills), what motivates you (your values), and how your skills and values align with wha